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How it Works

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Online Shopping Delivery Instructions

When you're shopping online, you can make sure couriers know to place the package in your Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox by:

  • adding the words 'ATL in my parcel letterbox' below your address, see example below:
  • adding 'Authority to leave in my parcel letterbox' in the Delivery Instructions field.
  • if applicable, provide the combination lock code e.g. "Enter PIN 123 on rear door" so that couriers can access the large rear retrieval door for bulky items such as a case of wine.


As a further measure to direct couriers to use your Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox we recommend:

  • displaying the supplied doorbell placard beside your front door.
  • fixing the 'Parcels - Pull Open' label to the front delivery door of your parcel letterbox.  (Once the couriers are familiar with your Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox, the label can be removed to restore the clean cut good looks of your parcel delivery box and letterbox.)

COVID-19 Pandemic

  • In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Australia Post and courier companies worldwide have implemented contactless deliveries and waived the requirement for signatures upon delivery.

Australia Post MYPost

Set up an Australia Post MYPost account and specify safe drop of your packages in your secure parcel letterbox located on the perimeter of your property.  Unless overridden by the merchant, this will waive the requirement for signature on delivery.


Standing Authority to Leave Forms

For 'signature required' packages, it's a good idea to complete standing 'Authority to Leave' forms with major courier companies, such as DHL Express, FedEx, TNT Express.  These give them permission to place packages in your Deliver-Eze Parcel Letterbox without a signature requirement.

Mail Delivery

Regular Australia Post mail is delivered via the letterbox slot. Mail and parcels are easily retrieved from the lockable rear compartment.



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