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Custom Letterbox House Numbers ... Impressive, Sleek and Modern

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Deliver-Eze now offers letterbox house numbers for the ultimate in customisation

In the stainless steel letterbox market custom numbers are becoming very popular in Australia.  And why not - they look great!  At least when they are done right...

Deliver-Eze wanted to offer custom house numbers across its range of stainless steel parcelbox letterboxes, but we had to determine which process to use?  Other mailbox and stainless faceplate companies use laser engraving because it is quick and cheap.  Laser marking can be done directly onto the stainless steel, but it cannot achieve a deep black finish.  Most are grey or dark grey.  Using a spray on finish like Cermark or Thermark results in a darker finish, and the laser helps bond it to the surface, but it can still suffer bonding problems or wear off.  Laser marking can also cause corrosion problems with the stainless steel.

As one Melbourne sign maker says: "We highly recommend traditional machine engraving & paint filling...because we can guarantee the mark will be there for the life time of the product."  They use it for their mining, aviation, navy and military applications.  Clearly the best process is engraving and filling with enamel paint, but this is much more time consuming and costly.

Given that Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes use marine grade stainless steel and other high quality materials we stepped up to offer engraving and paint filling for our custom house numbers..  Happily we found a very experienced Melbourne company to engrave our letter box doors at an affordable price and have added the option across our range.

So we now offer the highest quality numbers at a price similar to what others charge for the cheaper processes!

Based on customer requests Arial was selected as our standard font, 75mm high.  However we can provide other fonts and also letters on request, as shown in the photo below.  The only variable is price, which is based on engraving time, but we can quote anything.  Simply email info@deliver-eze.com.au with a description or image of what you would like.

Just to clarify, this engraving is suitable for stainless steel doors only.  For our Malvern fence unit, which has a powder coated front door and fascia, engraving will cut through the corrosion resistant layers so it is not offered.  Self adhesive numbers are the best option in this case.

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