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Parcel Delivery Box and Letterbox

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Our hugely popular freestanding pillar letterbox for home parcel delivery will be back in production and ready for dispatch by early October 2020.  To all those customers on our waiting list, thanks for your patience.  Our products are the best on the world market, and our designs and specifications are far ahead of the pack, based on our background in automotive design and engineering.

August 2020 has been our six year anniversary of the launch of our world-leading parcel letterboxes.  Our rendered pillar letterbox has evolved over that time.  We are now at Generation 3 and made them in Australia for 4 years.  In order to avoid cost increases, as of October the bodies will be imported.  However the product will actually be improved.  

The key benefits of our pillar letterbox are:

- Largest parcels securely.  Others take smaller parcels AND can be fished out by hand when the door is half open!

- Most durable.  The mechanism is tested to 25 years of use.  Competitors use rivets as pivot points, which wear out quickly based on our testing.

- Most corrosion resistant.  On top of the galvanised steel and phosphating we use three coatings (5 in total) where our competitors use one coating, or one plus a render which won't stick. We looked at using our competitors' factories but most did not even do phosphating, which is essential for adhesion and corrosion resistance of the base layer.  Our coatings all pass ASTM crosscut adhesion tests.

The body is made from heavy-duty, galvanized steel, with zinc phosphate, plus 3 extra coatings including the barrier primer and a primer we apply in Australia that has undergone 1000+ hours salt spray resistance testing.   We then finish with an Australian exterior render paint to give a beautiful and durable coating.  The rear door is now rendered to blend in.  Unlike powder coating, our render can be over-painted with any water or oil based exterior paint.  We have carried out ASTM crosscut adhesion tests and verified all conventional paints adhere to it.  In contrast, no paint we have tested or heard of will pass this test on outdoor powder coating, which other companies use.  This and other important quality factors are what we pride ourselves on.   

Parcel Letterbox

Aesthetically, the Mosman pillar parcel drop box is carefully designed to look like a rendered brick pillar, but with so much more functionality. 

Our new Brick parcel letterbox for home parcel delivery

We just released another parcel letterbox for home parcel delivery.  In addition to the brick in letterbox shown above, we just updated the wider version known as the  Brighton parcel letterbox.  Due to popular demand we recently designed an all-new brick letterbox for home parcel delivery, to suit 2x2 pillars. It uses the same proven and world-leading basic design [...]

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Australia Post now Safe Drops in parcelboxes

Happy New Year.  We kick off 2016 with very good news!  Common sense is alive and well in parcel delivery, such that Australia Post recently changed their terms and conditions with senders to make Safe Drop the default choice.  This was in response to clear feedback from online shoppers.This change is prominent in the new [...]

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Home parcel delivery: Parcels without the frustration

Since launching our first parcel letterboxes a year ago we have been amazed by the response from home shows, the media and most importantly our customers.  People keep telling us every home will have one in the future, and customers often tell us they looked hard and found Deliver-Eze is the best in world (which [...]

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All-new Mosman Stainless Steel Parcel Letterbox

Deliver-Eze expands its parcel letterbox range with this month's launch of the free-standing Mosman pillar. The unique Australian-designed and engineered Deliver-Eze Mosman accepts large courier and Australia Post packages, in addition to regular mail simply and securely.The upmarket Mosman parcel letterbox has plenty of kerb appeal, accentuated by high-quality marine grade stainless steel and a render finish that complements [...]

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Custom Letterbox House Numbers ... Impressive, Sleek and Modern

Deliver-Eze now offers letterbox house numbers for the ultimate in customisationIn the stainless steel letterbox market custom numbers are becoming very popular in Australia.  And why not - they look great!  At least when they are done right...Deliver-Eze wanted to offer custom house numbers across its range of stainless steel parcelbox letterboxes, but we had [...]

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Deliver-Eze a Finalist in The Australian Innovation Challenge

NEIL Silke calculated that it was worth taking the risk of leaving his day job to develop his idea for a new letterbox that could handle parcels securely amid the rise in online shopping.He had spent his lunch hours, evenings and weekends on his design while working full-time in project management and technical sales for [...]

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The Durable Brighton (brick-in) Parcel Mailbox Arrives

With the arrival this week of our Deliver-Eze Brighton (brick-in) units we expanded our range of parcel mailboxes.  This brick-in letterbox securely accepts courier deliveries and large parcels and is suitable for custom installations in brick, block and stone, such as sandstone.   With a marine grade 316 stainless front delivery door and stainless frame [...]

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Deliver-Eze Wows Melbourne Crowd

    The Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox range made its debut last week at the Herald-Sun Home Show in Melbourne - and nothing could have prepared us for the overwhelming public response. There were customers literally jumping up and down with excitement!Our Deliver-Eze range, with its upmarket good looks and large parcel capacity, left show-goers gobsmacked. Over the four days [...]

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