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Home parcel delivery: Parcels without the frustration

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Since launching our first parcel letterboxes a year ago we have been amazed by the response from home shows, the media and most importantly our customers.  People keep telling us every home will have one in the future, and customers often tell us they looked hard and found Deliver-Eze is the best in world (which our benchmarking program agrees with).  Overseas customers are finding out about us too, and we are currently shipping parcel letterboxes to New Zealand and the USA where our patent was recently granted.  In the US they refer to them as drop boxes, locking mailboxes or parcel mailboxes.

Outside our home a Mosman Pillar, receives more than 70% of what my family orders on line without any signatures or fuss. To maximise the number of parcels that couriers can deliver we have filled in the standing authority to leave (ATL) forms for DHL, Fedex and TNT.  These are permanently kept on their system and flag the driver for each delivery.  A win for all parties involved!  Couriers Please and Toll are also happy to leave parcels when ATL has been given for a delivery. Most Australia Post deliveries come to us without need for signature, and we heard from several posties that they sign for customers where the customer has given them a hard copy ATL form giving them authority to do so.

We are delighted that two of the largest courier companies are excited about the potential of our units to save them money and increase customer satisfaction (which drives their success in the long term...).  They are now working on implementing upgraded functionality for the serial number bar code that each of our units carries to enable Authority to Leave and Proof of Delivery.  

We look forward to telling you more in the coming months.

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