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What items can be delivered to my Deliver-Eze® parcel letterbox?

The Deliver-Eze range simply and securely receives courier and Australia Post parcel deliveries, online shopping, regular mail, A4 size mail, high volume or holiday mail, mail tubes, local newspapers and miscellaneous drop-offs from friends and family.


Which couriers can deliver packages to my Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox?

All courier companies and Australia Post can deliver to a Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox without the need for a special code.  


What is the largest size parcel that Deliver-Eze can accept?

All Deliver-Eze models accept the majority of parcels, up to 325mm x 315mm x 225mm via the front delivery door. 

The Mosman (pillar) model allows for even larger items, such as a case of wine, to be delivered via the rear combination locked door.  It accommodates boxes up to 345mm high x 330mm wide and 450mm long.


Can Deliver-Eze accept more than one parcel?

Yes, all Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes can securely receive multiple parcels – with a maximum storage capacity of 83 litres for Brighton (brick-in) and Malvern (fence) and 128 litres for Mosman (pillar). 


Does Deliver-Eze accept mail?

The Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox provides dual functionality – accepting both mail and parcels – and is intended to replace a traditional letterbox.  Regular Australia Post mail is delivered via the front letterbox slot.  Parcels and mail are retrieved from one convenient location.


Does Deliver-Eze accept local newspapers or mail tubes?

Local newspapers and mail tubes up to 50cm long can be delivered by opening the front delivery door – in the same manner that parcels are delivered.


What is the difference between the three different Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes?

The three Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox models – Malvern, Brighton and Mosman – can be differentiated by their installation application.

Malvern integrates smoothly into most kinds of new and existing fences.

Brighton is designed for bricking into masonry pillars and walls.

Mosman is a stand-alone pillar developed for homes without front fences.


How will the courier know to deliver packages to my Deliver-Eze® parcel letterbox?

When you're shopping online, you can make sure couriers know to place the package in your Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox by:

  • adding the words 'ATL in my parcel letterbox' under your name in the Address field, and 
  • adding 'ATL to my parcel letterbox' in the Delivery Instructions field.

If applicable, also include your combination lock code e.g.“PIN 123” in the address line so that couriers can access the large rear door for bulky items such as a case of wine.

It is also advisable to display the supplied doorbell placard directing couriers to use your Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox.  We recommend using the optional 'Parcels - Pull Open' label that can be fixed to the front delivery door of your parcelbox. Once the couriers are familiar with your Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox, the label can be removed to restore the clean cut, upmarket good looks of your parcelbox. 


Can parcels requiring a signature be delivered to my Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox?

For 'signature required' packages, it's a good idea to complete 'Authority to Leave' forms with the major courier companies. These give them permission to place packages in your Deliver-Eze Parcel Letterbox without a signature requirement.

For Australia Post parcels it is recommended you set up an Australia Post MYPost account and specify safe drop of your packages in your secure parcel letterbox located on the perimeter of your property. Unless overridden by the merchant, this will waive the requirement for signature on delivery.

In response to COVID-19 Australia Post and courier companies have implemented contactless deliveries, thus waiving the requirement for signature upon delivery.

All Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes are fitted with a unique barcode, which can act as proof of delivery.


Is the Deliver-Eze® parcel letterbox range secure?

Yes, all Deliver-Eze products integrate the patented anti-theft delivery chute mechanism that prevents 'fishing' and allows multiple deliveries into a locked, rear-access storage compartment.  The rear retrieval door features a pry-resistant cam lock mechanism.


How does the ‘anti-theft chute mechanism’ actually work?

The mechanism consists of a hinged flap at the rear, actuated by link bars connected to the front door.  When the door is closed, the flap moves rearward, allowing parcels to slide down the angled ramp or chute and drop into the storage chamber.   When the door is opened again, the flap moves forward in front of the chute, blocking hand access to the stored parcels and mail, in conjunction with the door-mounted internal baffle.


What are the installation requirements for my Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox?

Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes have been designed in consultation with the trade, and can be installed by any competent tradesman or experienced handyman.  Please click below for more information and a copy of the installation instructions for your Deliver-Eze model parcel letterbox.

More information:  Installation


What are the overall dimensions of the Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox?

Malvern (fence) measures:  680mm (h) x 371mm (w) x 480mm (d)

Brighton (brick-in) measures:  690mm (h) x 369mm (w) x 480mm (d)

Mosman (pillar) measures:  840mm (h) x 440mm (w) x 480mm (d)


Do I have a choice of colours and finishes?

The Deliver-Eze range offers the below combination of finishes and colours:


Front Delivery Door & Fascia

Body / Rear Retrieval Door


Mosman (pillar)

Marine grade 316 stainless steel


or optional matching  powder coat colour, upon request



Render effect finish:  Charcoal, Taupe, Sand and Black with matching rear door in matching render finish

(Render finish can be painted over with any exterior grade house paint)

Optional 316 stainless steel rear door


Brighton (brick-in)

Marine grade 316 stainless steel

or optional Dulux Black Satin and Colorbond Surfmist Satin

or optional custom powder coat colour from Dulux Duralloy range


Dulux Black Satin and Colorbond Surfmist Satin

or optional custom powder coat colour from the Dulux Duralloy range 


Malvern (fence)

Choice of three powder coat colours:  Dulux White Mannex (finely textured), Black Satin and Colorbond Surfmist Satin

or Marine grade 316 stainless steel

or optional custom powder coat colour from the Dulux Duralloy range 

Choice of three powder coat colours:  , Dulux White Mannex, Black Satin and Colorbond Surfmist Satin

or optional custom powder coat colour from the Dulux Duralloy range 




Can I order duplicate keys for my Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox?

Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes come supplied with two keys and we recommend you keep one key in a safe place for duplication purposes.  Should the need arise, a qualified locksmith will be able to provide you with duplicate keys.  Note – if all keys are lost, you will need to replace the entire locking mechanism.  Please contact Deliver-Eze at info@deliver-eze.com.au or call 03 9023 4881 for assistance with ordering a replacement lock, or to upgrade to a combination lock.


How do I change my combination code lock?

All Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes fitted with an optional combination lock enable you to set your own 3-digit code as often as you wish.  See below for detailed instructions:  

1.    Set the lock to the default code (0-0-0) and ensure it unlocks.
2.    Insert pen or paperclip into the code setting hole and hold it down firmly.
3.    Set dials to your desired combination, then release the pen or paperclip.
4.    Scramble the dials to lock the door.  (Don’t forget your code!)


How do I clean my Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox?

Deliver-Eze powder coat finishes are best cleaned using a mild detergent with a soft cloth; followed by thorough rinsing with clean water.  Stainless steel surfaces can be washed in the same way, but take care to wipe in the direction of the grain (not across the grain).   Stainless steel resists most chemicals, but must never be cleaned with bleach or any substance containing chlorine, or acids.


What warranty does Deliver-Eze provide?

Deliver-Eze Pty. Ltd. provides a warranty against any manufacturing defects for 12 months after the date of purchase.  For further information, please contact Deliver-Eze on 03 9023 4881 or refer to the warranty guidelines in our Terms and Conditions.



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