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Our new Brick parcel letterbox for home parcel delivery

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We just released another parcel letterbox for home parcel delivery.  In addition to the brick in letterbox shown above, we just updated the wider version known as the  Brighton parcel letterbox.  

Due to popular demand we recently designed an all-new brick letterbox for home parcel delivery, to suit 2x2 pillars. It uses the same proven and world-leading basic design as our Brighton brick parcel letterbox, but we took the opportunity to add several new features including full stainless sides and a rear door which can be hinged on either side. The depth is also adjustable - and as with our standard Brighton brick parcelbox the rear panel can be detached and moved back to suit thick walls or pillars. The rear panel can even be mounted on the side for side retrieval of mail and parcels.

To avoid confusion we are calling this new model parcel letterbox Brick 250, because it is 248mm wide, to fit the cavity inside a 2x2 brick pillar. This is the most common brick pillar size (470 x 470 mm). Of course it can also fit into block walls, and this design has set back the parcel storage chamber by 150mm to suit blocks up to 140mm with render, which is a common size.

If you have an existing brick pillar our Brick 250 parcel mailbox can also be retrofitted into it. While it requires a bit of cutting, the end result is well worth it.  There is a large time saving from having your own home post box for parcel delivery, not to mention the security and convenience.   Importantly, Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes are arguably the most secure, and certainly the most durable and high quality units on the market.

It's not on our website yet (look for a fresh site in coming months) but if you want to know more, or order our new brick letterbox design - we are only a phone call or message away.

Please check out the photo of a recent installation at a modern house in Mentone, adding to our many parcel letter boxes Melbourne loves.

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