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All-new Mosman Stainless Steel Parcel Letterbox

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Deliver-Eze expands its parcel letterbox range with this month's launch of the free-standing Mosman pillar. The unique Australian-designed and engineered Deliver-Eze Mosman accepts large courier and Australia Post packages, in addition to regular mail simply and securely.

The upmarket Mosman parcel letterbox has plenty of kerb appeal, accentuated by high-quality marine grade stainless steel and a render finish that complements modern architectural styles.

Developed specifically for homes without front fences, Mosman is a ‘global-first’ product design that integrates a patented anti-theft chute mechanism into a rendered pillar. Mosman features convenient bolt-down installation and offers considerable cost savings when compared to a conventional custom built rendered brick pillar alternative.

The stylish and versatile Mosman pillar joins the Brighton brick-in and Malvern fence models already on sale.

Custom Letterbox House Numbers ... Impressive, Sleek and Modern

Deliver-Eze now offers letterbox house numbers for the ultimate in customisationIn the stainless steel letterbox market custom numbers are becoming very popular in Australia.  And why not - they look great!  At least when they are done right...Deliver-Eze wanted to offer custom house numbers across its range of stainless steel parcelbox letterboxes, but we had [...]

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Deliver-Eze a Finalist in The Australian Innovation Challenge

NEIL Silke calculated that it was worth taking the risk of leaving his day job to develop his idea for a new letterbox that could handle parcels securely amid the rise in online shopping.He had spent his lunch hours, evenings and weekends on his design while working full-time in project management and technical sales for [...]

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Deliver-Eze Wows Melbourne Crowd

    The Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox range made its debut last week at the Herald-Sun Home Show in Melbourne - and nothing could have prepared us for the overwhelming public response. There were customers literally jumping up and down with excitement!Our Deliver-Eze range, with its upmarket good looks and large parcel capacity, left show-goers gobsmacked. Over the four days [...]

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The Humble Letterbox is Dead....

 Deliver-Eze Managing Director, Neil SilkeWe currently get our mail delivered at home. Easy. How it should be. But Australia Post recently suggested that physical letter delivery could cease in ten years. Meanwhile, the parcel delivery business in Australia is booming and continues to grow at around 10 per cent each year. This sentiment was echoed by [...]

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