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The Humble Letterbox is Dead....

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Deliver-Eze Managing Director, Neil Silke

We currently get our mail delivered at home. Easy. How it should be. But Australia Post recently suggested that physical letter delivery could cease in ten years. Meanwhile, the parcel delivery business in Australia is booming and continues to grow at around 10 per cent each year. This sentiment was echoed by Australia Post’s CEO, Ahmed Kahour recently when he stated, “our future is in parcels”. But mailboxes can’t take large parcels and regular mail, right? Well actually… Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes can, and they do it simply with style, accentuated by high-quality stainless steel and powder coat finishes.

Nobody thought it was possible for a letterbox to take large parcels securely, so they built parcel lockers for you to travel to. Some arranged shops to hold parcels for a fee.  Of course the other option involves you travelling and queuing up at the post office or courier's depot.  However, we are all getting busier and trying to reduce our carbon footprints, so battling the traffic to and from some remote location is not the answer.

So what do other countries do? In the US parcelboxes or parcel letterboxes have been around since 2007 or so, but generally their mechanisms were poorly designed and only take small parcels. In the UK they mostly offer a large metal box with a locking lid, basically a parcel locker for your house, bolted to your doorstep or wall. Not a good look. Nor is the European solution much better, being a large sheetmetal box outside your house. Deliver-Eze is the only truly integrated solution, being designed to stylishly fit in new and existing fences or brickwork. For homes without front fences we also offer a render-effect stand-alone pillar made from composite cement, which can never rust.

If you need a new letterbox, don’t buy one that is already obsolete.  Buy one that securely receives parcels at your home. Buy one that also securely accepts your mail, magazines and even mail tubes. Buy one that looks great and suits your home’s architectural design. Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes offer the highest space efficiency (biggest parcel for smallest size of parcel mailbox) in the world, and we proudly make the Malvern and Brighton models here in Australia.

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